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TCL Says It Has Applied Its Display Expertise To The New Plex Smartphone


We know TCL as a company more often related with larger-scale displays like those on its TVs. But it also owns the smartphone brands Alcatel and Palm and has decided to launch a new smartphone at IFA 2019.

The PLEX includes TCL’s NXTVISION, a new technology to enhance screens of its size. The company says that it supports a 6-axis color enhancement technique, 2D edge enhancement and can convert SDR image signals to HDR in real-time. These properties are bundled into a 6.53-inch FHD+ panel developed by TCL itself. This screen has a “Dotch”, which is how the brand describes a “punch-hole camera”, that presents a 90% screen-to-body ratio on the same.

The TCL PLEX is run by an SoC known only as a “Qualcomm Spapdragon processor” till now. It also has T-Cast, an universal remote control and smart TV assistant app which integrates the phone with a number of smart TVs from the same company. It also features a triple AI rear cameras, which incorporates a Sony 48MP sensor and a 16MP 123° super wide-angle camera with 960fps slow-motion.

The PLEX has a contemporary glass back with 3D holographic” finish similar to those found in new Honor smartphones. It is offered in Obsidian Black or Opal White options. TCL has not disclosed the RAM or storage specs for the new phone yet but has said that it will be priced at €329 (US$356) when it arrives to some European markets later in the year.

Source Link: https://www.notebookcheck.net/TCL-claims-to-have-applied-its-display-know-how-to-the-new-PLEX-smartphone.434542.0.html

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