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Talladega Nights Movie Review


This is perhaps one of the movies where Will Ferell under-performed. While also produced by Anchorman director Adam McKay, this production was not as good as the former. There are decent moments in the movie such as the dinner table discussion about how everyone in the Bobby family likes to envision Jesus during grace and as Ricky’s Junebug’s Oscar-nommed.

The film offers take on a Nascar circuit featuring Ferell as Ricky Bobby who is a young man who gets the chance to drive and his fearlessness takes him to the top of the Sport and gets him an attractive wife names Leslie Bibbs. A serious crash causes him to loss it all and a more brash driver played by Sacha Baron Cohen takes his place at the top of Nascar.

Ricky Bobby is a typical American gearhead and has freak-outs from time to time. Amy Adams goes on to show her comedic talent later on with her inspirational speech. The movie has a lack of storyline but this becomes irrelevant due to Ferell’s chemistry with the likes of John C Reilly, Michael Clarke Duncan, Amy Adams, Gary Cole and Cohen.

Reilly does well as Cal who is Ricky’s best friend and right hand man. Cohen plays Jean Girard, a gay French speaking Camus racing driver whose brash driving makes him a circuit favourite.

Though the rest of the supporting cast are funny, they are under-utilized with Adams and Molly Shannon in particular being two people who could have added much more value to the production. While Talladega nights has more jokes that miss, there are some which do well. It pokes fun at Nascar and recreates its atmosphere.

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