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Takuto Maruki is the New ‘Super Character’ Being Announced by Persona 5 Royal Game’s Video


It is finally official! On October 31st the funs of Persona 5 Royal (PS4 games) are in for a new amazing character – Takuto Maruki. This was hint through a video that was first streamed by Atlus on Friday last week.

Voiced in the Japanese language by Santoshi Hino, the video highlights Takuto Maruki as the new confidant character – and that “he” (referring to the new character), will take the story to a new level altogether.

It is not clear whether PS3 funs’ will get the taste of this new story immediately. What is clear is that the first platform to receive the game would be PlayStation 4 and the actual launch date would be on 31st October, specifically in Japan.

That simply means some PS4 fans who are based in Asian, Europe, and the U.S. might have to wait a little bit (three to four months) before the game hits their screens, as the launch is border specific.

Sora Amamiya says in the game highlight say that:

‘Our new release will be super amazing! Besides Takuto Maruki, the anime will feature another new and iconic character -Kasumi Yoshizawa.

The story takes a new angle by unveiling the initial suspense, and explores the untold story in the third school semester.’ He added saying ‘The new school life and emotionally intriguing phantom life in the game is super engaging, and we are sure our fans will love the scenes.’

Also, hinted from the video are new features such as Status Assist, enhanced graphics that make your screen super real and captivating songs that makes you quickly get immersed in this ‘new world.’

Well, it is not clear whether there would be anything special in terms of the credits one should have to enjoy this anime creation, what is certain is that people who are subscribed to PlayStation 4 Pro support expect the full experience with the new release, as the game is launching specifically on PS4’s platform. However, that is not to say PS3 fans can’t access it, because the October 31st launch, as announced, has a 3-4 months limitation only to the people outside Japan.

Source Link: https://animemojo.com/video_games/persona-5-royal-new-character-video-has-been-released-a8610


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