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T1 Tact Smartwatch Syncs Perfect With Apple iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S10 & Fold

The trendiest new smartwatch for men is undoubtedly the T1 Tact Watch if you’ve been watching social media lately.   The brand’s “Midnight Diamond” watch model went viral earlier in late 2018,  becoming the swanky man’s touch of the past and present.   With new smartphones being released from Apple and Samsung recently, some may question if they will lose features of the watch.  It’s clear now however the iPhone 11, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy fold will connect to the latest new mens style in wrist wear.

Will the T1 Tact work with the Apples and Samsungs of 2019?

Yes, the T1TW passed sync tests with the latest releases of smartphones. Utilizing Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with devices, both the phones’ iOS and Android systems are compatible to the T1 Tact Watch brand’s “Midnight Diamond” model.

After connected to the devices all of the following features worked flawlessly:

  • Steps Counter
  • Calories Burned
  • Total Distance Walked
  • Sleep Health Monitor
  • New SMS Text Reminder
  • New Social Media Message Notification
    • Syncs with Facebook, WeChat, QQ, Line, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter
  • New Phone Call Notice

All other features of the watch test A+ as well.    Nothing fails in functionality.   The speed at which data is transferred between the smartwatch and Galaxy S10, S10+, S10E, and Fold are  actually believed to be faster than ever before.

What are the prices of all devices?

The T1 Tact Watch was rated one of the Top 3 affordable smartwatches on the web this year.  At only $69.99 via the official brand store [ buy watch here], it’s  an easy accomplice to the higher priced smart devices it functions with.   And interestingly enough, the more expensive Apple & Samsung electronics and/or internal parts of them are made within the same high end factories of China as the T1 Tact.

The new Galaxy S10 has 3 versions.  The S10E, S10, and S10plus are each different prices.  The range between the three however is $750, $900, and $1000 according to CNET.    There’s also a GS10 5G, which will be the first Galaxy on the 5G network.   The technology on each of the phones is spectacular.   Cameras and  design make them ‘eye candy delicious’ for connoisseurs of mobile technologies.

Neither iMore nor TechRadar have an official  price for the Apple iPhone 11.  Instead, there is only speculation that costs of the i11 will cost around $1000, which it’s typical variations of the ‘plus’ and ‘se’ costing an estimate $100 to $150 more and less.   What is clear however, the iPhone 11 will be a hit technology wise.  The brand has even unleashed design plans for  new Apple iPhone Fold to compete with the Galaxy release.

What are Editor’s picks?

If matching the T1 Tact Watch to a phone from the new class it , the Samsung Galaxy Fold would be the match.  The Fold doubles perfectly as  phone and mini office.  When on an adventure or working out in the gym, the wristwear user can leave the phone in a bag.  The smartwatch will keep up with messages, calls,  workout routine, and give me an alarm for when it’s time to exit.

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