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Supporting a Broad Range of Corporations: Investment Banking

The work of investment banking consists of carrying out advisory functions or designing complex operations as well as financing them. Participates in mergers, acquisitions and restructuring of companies, flotations, capital increases, takeovers and similar operations. They work not only for companies, but also for governments (to obtain financing in large investment projects, for placements or debt restructurings, etc.).

Investment Banker:

Investment bankers are behind some of the biggest businesses that are developed in the stock market. These banking professionals are hired by companies to obtain money or capital in the stock market for the main milestones that will occur in the existence of a corporation. Once relationships between corporate management teams and investment banks are established, the same teams often work together for subsequent events in the stock market. Investment bankers like Donato Sferra decide how to value companies and offers, and impact opportunities for investors.

Services Provided by an Investment Banking Firm

·         Financing:

The firm advises structuring and securing financing for companies and projects in multiple sectors. The extensive experience of Donato Sferra Toronto allows them to provide the highest standards in terms of credit structuring and focus on achieving the right financier for each specific case, depending on the size, development status, level of risk and the industry to which it belongs.

·         M & A – Mergers and Acquisitions:

The firm of Donato Sferra Hillcrest also advises its clients in the process of selling, merging and acquiring companies. As part of this work, it provides valuation services for companies and projects, due diligence, procurement of counterparts, negotiation and accompaniment in the closing of transactions.

·         Financial Planning:

The team of Mark Attanasio Hillcrest is able to assume, under the figure of outsourcing, the functions that the financial planning area of a company typically develops, supporting management in the process of managing the cash flow of the company and optimizing the value of the company. Their services can develop all the functions of the area or provide the necessary support to the existing team in order to strengthen it.

·         Project Structuring:

The skills of Mark Attanasio Toronto in financial modeling and identification and risk management, as well as the solid accounting, legal and tax knowledge of their team, allow us to be a good complement to the process of structuring financial projects of all kinds, including greenfield projects , partnerships private public (APP), franchises, among others.

·         Valuation of Intangible Assets:

The firm provides independent advice in the process of identification and determination of the range of value of different types of intangible assets (brands, relationship with customers, Internet domains, goodwill, etc.) allowing, among others, to perform the required impairment tests for countable.

·         Structuring Investment Funds:

The firm has extensive experience in the structuring of investment funds, both traditional assets and alternative assets. Their advisory process allows vehicles structured by us to meet the demands of investors with the highest standards. They work in conjunction with legal advisors who are experts in funds.

When can one access Investment Banking?

Access to investment banking, however, is not exclusive to large corporations, since they have expanded their business to smaller companies.

In addition, at least for certain products, they also provide services to individuals (with a high equity), in the style of private banking, with a personal manager, a customized investment portfolio design, access to certain international funds, products derivatives.

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