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Stablecoin Volatility Comparison Shows Element Zero as Completely Stable

Element Zero not only talks the talk but walks the walk as shown in their testnet release. It’s not your typical stablecoin and stands out and is distancing themselves from the rest as they are living up to the name stablecoin.

Hello Stablecoin, I am Mass Adoption

The term stablecoin is used throughout the scope of the crypto industry. From the outside, one can make the assumption that all coins labeled as a stablecoin would, in fact, be stable and have little to no traces of volatility.

If only that was the case, you see stablecoins might be more under control than your average crypto coin, but in the grand scheme of things, many don’t deserve that label. There are exceptions to the rule, but the one that deserves to be highlighted here is Element Zero.

Element Zero not only talks the talk but walks the walk as shown in their testnet release. It’s not your typical stablecoin and stands out and is distancing themselves from the rest as they are living up to the name stablecoin.

Instability of a Stablecoin

When you look at stablecoins you are instantly expecting close to zero volatility if not, then they should probably change their mission.

One of the most popular stablecoin is Tether (USDT). Currently one of the most popular coins in the world. But is USDT they really stable? They say and label themselves as stable, but upon a closer look not so much.

Over the last two years, for the most part, they have seen minimum volatility to their credit, but there has been a rough patch specifically in 2017 when the value of Tether was around $0.91. Last year in 2018 they saw the value drop to around $0.94.

That is a big drop off from their stance of being stable and they were labeled as one of the most stablecoins on the market. Now, let’s take look at yet another example of the instability of a stability coin.

TrueUSD (TUSD) another well known and respected stablecoin also saw fluctuations in its value during the last two years. In April 2018, TrueUSD had a value of $0.93. Both Tether and TrueUSD are credited for being stable and yet they have gone through a few low patches since the coins were created.

Current Stablecoin Market Summary

The major takeaway here is that these stablecoins will never be stable. There will always be volatility they can’t account for. The only way to find stability in a stablecoin is with Element Zero. Anything else will result in price drops over the course of time which is a proven fact.

The Element Zero Difference

Element Zero is not like anything you have ever seen before in the crypto community. It has a truly groundbreaking protocol that will forever change the landscape of this space. There are a few types of stablecoins. The first coin is backed by a currency or commodity such as gold, silver or fiat currency. The other stablecoin type is supported by technological advancements that will help the coin attain its value. Both have major flaws.

The first flaw would be that the currency and  commodities will become obsolete and a thing in the past due to the nature of governments. The other flaw is with the technology, it is impossible to predict that their technology will make the stablecoin in fact, when technology is always changing and with the future being unpredictable; technology-based stablecoins fall flat as well.

Element Zero in Detail

Now,  allow me to introduce you to Element Zero. Taking a closer look here you can tell Element Zero is built differently. The 4th Protocol Methodology was developed by the dream team of minds in this space. Ranging from Nobel Prize winners, blockchain thought leaders, digital currency experts and also the former founder of Visa, Dee Hock.

This protocol complete removes volatility in the present and future, which I will explain more about later on. This next generation payment platforms solves a very serious issue for stable coins and this is how.

The protocol allows for the ‘User A’ to send a fixed amount of crypto to ‘User B’ and in return, they will send back the same value worth of crypto, but in the form of the stablecoin. At no point will either receiver or sender get more than the other, that is based on whatever the fixed value of the stablecoin is.

Element Zero Use Case

Here’s an example: ‘User A’ sends $100 worth of crypto to ‘User B’. ‘User B’ sends over $120 worth of the stablecoin and now we let the Element Zero protocol work it’s magic for us. ‘User A’ would receive $100 worth of stablecoin and ‘User B’ would receive $100 worth in crypto and also $20 worth of his stablecoin would return in the process as well. At all times the values going from ‘User A’ and ‘User B’ will be equal. This would also occur when buying other goods as well drastically improving cryptocurrency mass adoption. The same result would be in play and those items would be compared to the value of the stablecoin. It has no weakness and no chance of volatility. That can’t be the same for the rest of the stable coins.

End Game

Somethings are just not as advertised and in this case, all stablecoins that are not named Element Zero need to start over. Element Zero separates from the crowd due to their ability to handle any situation in the present or future.

The next generation payment platform will always have the same value as the stablecoin. The reason being is it does not rely on technology to make it stable and it is not backed by a commodity. It relies on the 4th Protocol Methodology to stay volatile free during the present and our during future events.

As we saw earlier, stablecoins go through several down-turns during the course of a year. No matter the hype or where they stand on CoinMarketCap; they will always be suspect to volatility in the form of failing technology, becoming obsolete and inflation. Element Zero is the future for stablecoins and will change the way you view stablecoins going forward. When you have a protocol that was designed and developed by Nobel Prize winners, digital currency experts, former chairman of the SEC and blockchain leaders you know this is special. What you can count on is Element Zero leading the new generation and truly living up to the name stablecoin. View and test the protocol to see true stability for yourself.

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