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Spotify New Sharing Option Feature 


This morning, the Spotify company announced that now users can share their favorite and podcasts with friends on Snapchat application with added support for the playlist, artist profile, sharing a song and podcast either directly to your Snapchat Story or your friends on Snapchat.

Currently, Spotify users can use Snapchat alongside other apps such as Twitter, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Messenger, WhatsApp and Messages to share their content.

Users can use this new feature that is the same as other sharing options. They can tap the three-dot share icon in the top right of the app’s interface and then select Snapchat from the list. Snapchat will open with a new Snap and the full album art included. users can then edit and send the Snap as usual.

Users’ Snap recipients can tap the context card to listen to the music or podcast they have shared.

Bu using this new feature, artists and their team will be able to promote their music to Snapchat’s 203 million daily users, most of who are well-within the coveted teen to the young adult demographic that Spotify’s artists are hoping to reach.

This new feature will let users share media from a developer’s app or website.

After the June 2018 debut of the platform, Spotify was one of the 200 applications that have integrated with Snap Kit. This company is trying to offer a more private alternative to Facebook.

The spreading of this new sharing feature comes at a time when the streamer is looking for growth — particularly in light of growing competition from rivals like Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Currently, Spotify remarkably missed its user estimates in its Q2 2019 income, with 8 million new subscribers in the quarter instead of the expected 8.5 million. This company hopes to reach millions of more users by spreading social sharing options.

Source Link: https://techcrunch.com/2019/09/09/spotify-users-can-now-share-music-and-podcasts-to-snapchat/

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