Sportech, the Tote betting solution provider, has entered into an agreement with Racecourse Media Group (RMG). Sportech is going to provide commingling pool betting services through the European Quantum Data and Operations Center.

This deal would make RMG which is responsible for 34 racecourse shareholders in the UK, use the platform of Sportech to facilitate the commingling between the racecourses in both UK and Ireland along with the RMG’s global partners.

Nick Mills, RMG Commercial Director said that they are excited to form a partnership with Sportech. He further said that this agreement would help bolster the reputation of RMG at delivering global reach for the shareholder racecourses. Also, this deal would increase the wagering opportunity for racecourses around the world.

Bruno Gay, Vice President of Sales and Business Development EMEA of Sportech said that they are pleased with the agreement and would love to strengthen and expand the reach of racecourses through RMG.

He said that their reliable solutions would be the key for commingling as and when the operators change their strategies to include expanded distribution.

The racecourses in England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland have resumed behind the closed doors in June after the activities were suspended to arrest the COVID19 growth.


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