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Smach Z Upgrades to a Superior Processor, Gets a New 480GB SSD and 32GB RAM


There is no debate that Smach Z is the most popular handheld gaming console. It has also been dubbed the most potent console. To prove this claim further and uphold its market position, the Smach Team has announced newer hardware upgrades, which according to industry standards makes it even more superior.

However, although not mentioned, we can safely predict that this new improved Smach Z would cost 5% to 10% more – considering the various upgrade points it has been worked on.

A Glimpse into the Upgrade Details

The processor versions used in the previous models i.e. the Original Smach Z, the Pro and the most current – Ultra, a Smach Z representative who broke the news says they all used AMD’s Ryzen V1605B chip, which still is above most current market standard processors.

The Embedded Ryzen V160B chip showed perfect compatibility and performance, so we cannot exactly say it couldn’t deliver as expected. However, the Smach Team says they prefer to use the flagship V1807B instead.

In overview, the upgrade as featured is as below:

  • Storages capacity has been raised – from 256GB SSB to 480GB SSD
  • Processing power – from V1605B to V1807B
  • Graphics type – from Radeon Vega 8 to RX Vega 11
  • Random Access Memory – from 16GB (stick type DDR4 2133) to 32GB (DDR4 2133)
  • The Touted Benefits that come with this Upgrade

Smach Z team are quick to highlight that having more processing speed improves power consumption, reduces heating and overly make the gaming experience super engaging.

Another thing that makes the V1607B superior over the V1605B is that it comes with higher values – talking of thermal design power (TDP), which has raised from 35W to 54W.

Although we don’t claim to have checked inside the new improved Smach Z, it is certain that the company has considered redesigning the cooling system of the console to accommodate the new hardware update.

Newly leaked reports also say that Smach Z might soon be announcing bigger RAM and storage for their product, which of cause will come with a new price tag on the console.

Source Link: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/smach-z-amd-ryzen-embedded-cpu-32gb-ram-480gb-ssd,40236.html


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