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SHAG Carpet – Everything you need to know about

shag carpet

What is SHAG Carpet?

Shag is a term for a type of rug or carpet that gives a well shaggy appearance. This is due to it having a deep pile. You may be wondering what that exactly means.

It basically means that the individual carpet strands and longer than other carpets. Following are some of the pros and cons of the shag carpet, we have curated for you. Moreover, you can check out a few Reliable Carpet Reviews to make up your mind.

shag carpet

Pros of SHAG Carpet:

  • As many of us like the retro look of shag carpet. It can give you an elegant look to your room.
  • It is very cushy and nice to walk on due to its deep pile a shag rug or carpet makes you feel extremely comfortable.

Cons of SHAG Carpet:

  • The price and cost of maintenance for the shag rug or carpet can really add up. When it comes to buying a shag carpet you see the price up but some people do not seem to realize that the cleaning costs of shag carpet are almost high. Since it is such a thick carpet it is very difficult to clean and if you get them professionally cleaned they are even more expensive than other carpets.
  • Another con of the shag carpet is that this type of carpet can unravel over time. This means that you will have pieces of carpet slowly getting tracked around your house in places that they should not be and sometimes it will be wrinkled.
  • If you have bad allergies shag is probably not suitable for you. Since the carpet is so thick and deep, it will catch a lot of dust and dirt. It will hold on to this for dear life deep in the carpet fibres and is pretty tricky to fully get out

Final Verdict:

If you don’t have allergies and want a carpet or rug that is soft and looks great for a couple of years this is a great option for you. But the main con of this product that has to be kept in mind that in a couple of years it might start to unravel and be dirty enough that it gets hard to maintain.

So if you are up for throwing out your rug or carpet in a few years, then definitely this shag is for you. If you want to use it for a long time, then this is not ideal.

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