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Sequent Ltd Launches Smartwatch that Uses the Human body to Charge


Sequent limited, a Swiss watch company, announced on the 26th of august that it has officially launched their SuperCharger2 smartwatch watch. With less than one month left for company to pledge their kick-starter campaign, the company has raised almost twice their target for the new watch, a device that can recharge using kinetic energy generated by the human body.

When the body experiences motion, the physical movement generates kinetic energy and the watch feeds of this energy to power and recharge itself. The new watch is a follow-up to their first model, also a SuperCharger, which was launched almost four years ago.

Like the older model, the new SuperCharger2 generates electric power from your body’s kinetic energy. The body produces this kinetic energy when you are active. All the energy generated and used can be monitored and recorded, thanks to the watch’s sensors.

Other than, its autonomous charger’s ability to reduce the need for millions of watch batteries each year, this model is built using plastic collected from the ocean around us. Interested buyers can get this watch at a kick-starter value of $179. Initial deliveries will begin in January of 2020.

Source Link: https://www.malaymail.com/news/tech-gadgets/2019/08/28/sequent-launches-smartwatch-that-uses-the-human-body-to-charge/1784872

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