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Scotland has Potential to Become a Leader in 5G Technology


Scotland is setting up plans to roll out superfast broadband. According to Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland hopes to become a world leader in 5th generation technology. She spoke during the unveiling of plans to encourage use of technology.

5th generation broadband is the next step in mobile telecommunication and is expected to revolutionize connectivity speeds. According to a report commissioned by global brand Deloitte, 5th generation broadband will increase Scotland’s GDP by close to 17 billion in 15 years’ time.

Based on this new plan, the Scottish government is hoping to fund 5th generation research, development and use. The government also hopes to support current projects together with most other measures that are already in place.

The government’s 5th generation plans set out the necessary actions that are required to ensure most of Scotland takes part in this new venture. The government’s aspiration is to position the entire country as a global leader in 5th generation technology.

According to Sturgeon, 5th generation will offer the country competitiveness, economic growth, and the stamina to seek innovativeness across all sectors.

Based on Chris Pearce, an academic at Glasgow University, 5th generation technology, being faster, is capable of revolutionizing the communication sector. It will create tangible social change in public health and environmental issues.

At the moment, the University of Glasgow, through Professor Muhammad Imran, is developing 5th generation technologies mean to aid monitoring of health without the need for invasive techniques or wearable detectors.

This research is also looking for ways to minimize emission resulting from cellular technology and to develop cheap pop-up systems. The advantage of this new system is that it can be rolled out efficiently and quickly in case of an emergency or sporting event. In addition, it will be possible to bring temporary connectivity to a specific place.

Almost 75 percent of businesses in Scotland feel that this technology will help steer growth. However, to meet this goal, businesses need to have access to improved digital systems and better skills.

As a result, Scottish policymakers need to ensure that Scotland is at the forefront of this 5th generation revolution.

Source Link: https://stv.tv/news/politics/1440269-sturgeon-scotland-can-lead-world-in-digital-technology/

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