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Samsung’s New Apps Help Visually Challenged Interact Better with the World


Relumino and Good vibes are Samsung’s new apps that were developed to help those visually impaired to interact better with their surroundings. This announcement came during the National Association for the Blind meeting held in New Delhi, India.

Of the two apps, Good Vibes provides users with visual impairment with a back and forth communication channel via smartphones. The application works via a Morse code and translates vibrations into voice or text messages. The voice or text reached the recipient in form of Morse code vibrations that a blind or deaf person can understand.

The app was developed in India, which is why Samsung is collaborating with the Indian firm Sense to uplift the blind and deaf. Samsung is believed to have carried out pilot tests via the app for close to one year before it was available to the public via app store. This app is available on Samsung’s app store, and will be available on Google’s Play Store in the next few weeks.

On the other hand, Relumino is an app for the visually impaired, and is meant to help them read. It processes motion images projected via the rare end camera on smartphones. The images are converted into user-friendly formats that the visually impaired can interact with.

Concerning Relumino, Samsung is collaborating National Association for the Blind. Samsung will support the project by providing Galaxy Note 9 phones and VR Gear to the association. It will also offer training on how to interact with the app. The app works via Samsung’s VR Gear. Samsung employees developed Relumino as part of the firm’s C-Lab global program.

Source Link: https://indianexpress.com/article/technology/tech-news-technology/samsungs-new-apps-help-deafblind-and-visually-impaired-communicate-with-the-world-5979764/

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