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Samsung’s Bixby Speaker may not be out yet, but now you Have a Mini Version


When Samsung revealed Galaxy Note 9 over a year ago, it also announced that it was working on the Galaxy Home, a smart speaker powered by its Bixby digital assistant. The original Galaxy Home is yet to go on sale but Samsung is already working on Galaxy Home Mini.

After an FCC filing from Samsung appeared earlier this spring, there have been rumors flying around for some time of a smaller Bixby speaker. However, it seems now the Galaxy Home Mini is ready to be tested after Samsung published in its Korean website that it was searching for users interested to take part in a Galaxy Home Mini beta program.

Samsung started recruiting for the beta test on August 28th and will continue till September 1st, and finally, offer a free Galaxy Home Mini to 3000 lucky participants, as part of its upcoming trial.

Although there is a lot of info about the Galaxy Home Mini in Samsung’s recruitment page, one image suggests that the smaller version will be integrated with Samsung’s Smart Things home automation platform, so users can control other smart gadgets with their voice.

This product falls in line with similar ones from companies such as Google and Amazon, who have observed a quick adoption of smart speakers, with the number of smart speakers rising to 66.4 million in the US as of this spring, mostly driven by the sale of smaller smart speakers such as the Google Home Mini and Echo Dot.

As for the original Galaxy Home, Samsung had proposed to release it in Q3 of this year but decided to wait in order to “refine and enhance” the device. That was a smart move perhaps because with Google and Amazon having already a big lead over Samsung in the smart speaker area, there’s not much room in the market for another average smart speaker.

Source Link: https://gizmodo.com/samsungs-first-bixby-speaker-still-isnt-out-but-now-th-1837707140

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