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Samsung Joins to Blockchain Smartphones Wave With a Version of Galaxy Note 10


Samsung has built a blockchain version of its Galaxy Note 10 smartphone, which will be called KlatynPhone, and that will allow users to store cryptocurrencies on those devices.

This smartphone have been created in collaboration with messaging company Kakao, which has a blockchain network called Klatyn, which allows cryptocurrencies transactions.

The KlatynPhone will have the same hardware and retail price as any other Galaxy Note 10 devices. However, its software will be compatible with blockchain applications and a cryptocurrency wallet. Also, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, this device will be available only in Korea, at least in its first commercialization stage.

Samsung has been the last phone maker to build a blockchain smartphone, following the footsteps of HTC (which launched HTC Exodus 1 earlier this year) and smaller startups, such as Sirin Labs.

This wave of phones with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet could transform payments as we know them, as they will allow their owners to store and use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and even digital currencies that will launch applications such as Telegram.

Source Link: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/samsung-cryptocurrency-galaxy-note-10-blockchain-smartphone-klatynphone-a9094121.html

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