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Samsung Biologics Unveils Perfusion Technology that will Lower Production Time by 30 Percent


Samsung biologics has unveiled perfusion technology that they plan to run alongside their alternating tangential flow (ATF) in their bioproduction processes. This will be launched at Samsung’s Plant 3, in Songdo South Korea, which has a working capacity of 15000 L with regards to commercial production.

In august of this year, contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) stated that they had succeeded in performing an N1 perfusion test with the help of an ATF device. The adoption of this new technology will reduce the spent in production by close to 30 percent for their clients.

This implies that CDMO will be able to generate cell cultures of high quality and density, about 10 times, within a shorter duration. They will be able to achieve this by using hollow fiber membranes and growth mediums obtained from the cells of mammals. The growth medium will be extracted with the help of the ATF and the cells will then be returned to a bioreactor.

In addition, the used growth mediums will be discharged, while fresh mediums will be added to replace the used medium at a constant rate, according to the company. This means the whole process will partial automation with human intervention lowered to the bare minimum.

Validation of ATF took close to six months and will allow the expansion of commercialized cell culture that is compliant with prescribed manufacturing standards.

In 2018, the Samsung announced plans to invest significantly in this business, with some of the investment going to CDMO. Following this, CDNO has announced collaboration geared towards customer molecule, which will initiate partnerships with overseas and domestic companies.

Source Link:  https://www.biopharma-reporter.com/Article/2019/09/03/Samsung-BioLogics-adopts-perfusion-technology

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