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Sadly Entrepreneurship Is Not For Everyone


Sadly like with virtually everything that exists, entrepreneurship is not for everyone in a similar way to how something like soccer is just not for everyone.

In today’s age, entrepreneurship has become fashionable. A culture of “celebritising”” entrepreneurs has developed. We are often told the stories about people who rose from virtually nothing and became millionaires. The stories usually end with an encouraging note with a message such as “you can do anything that you set your mind to”.

Sadly, these stories of rags to riches are one in a million. They do happen but are rare. The reality is that most people who are born into poverty remain in poverty with the odd individual rising above its shackles through having a rare gift or just plain luck. It may seem glamorous to be called “CEO” or “COO” without actually knowing the pressures that come with such jobs.

There are some characteristics which good entrepreneurs have which set themselves apart from the rest of the population. One is that they are good managers of money. They have a healthy attitude towards informed risk and are comfortable with uncertainties and change.

Most people are generally afraid of change and rather opt to remain in familiar territory rather than explore the unfamiliar. Successful entrepreneurs are good at differentiating their personal lives from their business lives and can get their family to pay for their services rendered. Good entrepreneurs have a high tolerance towards failure and are resilient and tenacious.

Investing in attending an expensive entrepreneurial course does not assure you of success. Some of the most successful businessmen are not even book-smart.

There are now set qualities that make a good entrepreneur. Smart entrepreneurs are those that identify their weaknesses and seek help from someone who has strengths which can help them to negotiate those qualities.

For example, if you are an introvert who does not like to engage with people, you can seek help from an outgoing extrovert to help you in this regard.

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