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Russia’s MegaFon Reaches Out to Ericsson for 5G-Ready Transport Network


A Russian Mobile Operator, MegaFon, has contracted Ericsson for a period of three years to come up with countrywide transportation network. The contract involves supply of a 5 G ready mobile transportation solution that will operate under a Mini-Link platform.

The advantage of this technology is that it will offer a high capacity, an efficient spectral usage as well as simplified maintenance and simplified operation. The key features include a 6000 portfolio compatible with 6 to 38 GHz and a high radio interface.

In a few cases, this new technology will allow 15 directions in a 3RU environment. Additionally, users will also get a strong system that will allow better capacities, smaller antennas, and long hops.

Mini-Link 6000 supports system modulation at a maximum of 16k, channels of up to 112 MHz and larger buffers. It works very well with Mini0Link 6363, one of the smallest high capacity radios. You can find this modulation between a band of 6GHz and 80GHz.

Of importance is the fact that the Mini-Link 6352 that runs on E-Band with a frequency range of 70 to 80 GHz includes a speed of 10 Gbps under a single carrier and a 10GE operating interface.

The head of Ericsson in Russia, Sebastian Tolstoy, stated that this contract would enable Russia to build the necessary infrastructure to support 5G systems so that the Russians can enjoy a completely new experience.

Source Link: https://www.commsmea.com/technology/20543-russias-megafon-contacts-ericsson-for-5g-ready-transport-network

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