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Rumor: Both iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 Might Not have 5G, Not Anytime Soon


Apple announced that it would be launching new products including iPhone 11 with super improved features, iPads, and a MacBook – come September 10.

Well, the long wait is over as the launch is next week. However, contrary to many people’s expectations, the latest rumors have it that the possibility of 5G being one of the new features is completely zero.

Of cause, this shouldn’t be that of a surprise because at no point has the company specifically mentioned 5G technology would be a consideration in the upgrades.

However, confirmed reports hinted that iPhone 11 and its series would include a bigger and more lasting battery, a triple-lens camera, enhanced image, and video editing features and probably a special Apple Pensile.

But why?

OnePlus, Samsung and LG among other top competing brands have ‘embraced’ the 5G technology and the proof of this is, all their latest devices come with hardware that is capable of supporting this overpublicized next-gen wireless network.

As for the iPhone 11 Pro and series, which in the next few days should be available on your retailer shelves, still, it’s not clear why the company has not been keen to prioritize 5G.

In an article published on Macworld, Michael Simon a tech enthusiast and writer is certain that the reason for this is that 5G is way far ready for prime time.

In the tests Simon did other brands, he reports that the technology needs to overcome several problems including issues related to coverage. He says that unless you are living under the node, mmWave 5G is not accessible for most people,

So, like it waited for 3G and 4G seems, Apple is not willing to rush to claim their devices support something that is not technically accessible at this point in time.

Source Link: https://www.macworld.com/article/3434525/iphone-11-5g-speeds-coverage-rumors.html

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