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Royce White Blast Lakers And LeBron For Failing To Sign Carmelo Anthony


Former NBA player Royce White comes to defend Carmelo Anthony. Royce isn’t happy about Lakers signing Jared Dudley instead of Carmelo.

White went on with the rant that Carmelo is being blackballed. He blasted Lakers and LeBron for failing to sign Melo and instead signed Dudley. In Carmelo defense, White said that he’s giving himself too much to the game for them to fail his signing. In an interview with ESPN reporter, White said that those who have played in the NBA know what Carmelo is capable of doing.

White went on to question the leadership of LeBron for failing to press Lakers to sign Carmelo in the free agency.

When Dudley heard of White’s comment, he responded via a video on Twitter and wrung that wasn’t about him and Carmelo. He added that Carmelo is a first-ballot HOFer and they want him back in the league. Dudley went ahead and said that Royce comment seemed uniformed in such a situation. Dudley wrote that White seems to forget that the league isn’t about who is better, but about which players make for the best of the team.

Anthony Carmelo has played for several teams in the NBA. He started his career with the Nuggets. Then he joined Knicks where he stayed for seven seasons and then with Thunders for one season.

Last season, Carmelo played ten games for the Rockets; he then exited from the team unceremoniously. Houston traded him to Chicago Bulls in January, but they released him sooner than expected.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/royce-white-rips-lebron-james-lakers-for-signing-jared-dudley-instead-of-carmelo-anthony/ar-AAG4JJ7

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