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Roman Reigns, Triple H and John Cena among the Many Stars that Reacted to WWE Airing NXT on USA Network


On Tuesday, Roman Reigns, Triple H and John Cena were among the many stars that reacted to WWE airing NXT on USA Network.

They announced an agreement in principle to air WWE’s weekly Wednesday night show, NXT, live on USA Network at 8/7c starting September 18.

The move was done to counter-program AEW, which will air their weekly TV series on TNT starting Wednesday, October 2nd. The brand overseen by Triple H will air live in the USA and go head-to-head with upstart promotion AEW headed up by the likes of Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks.

NXT has become popular with WWE fans for the sort of matches and storylines seen on the show which are more edgy than on RAW or SmackDown.

On the announcement Triple H couldn’t hide his pride. He said:

“Can’t describe this announcement in any other word than PROUD “Proud of everyone involved from day one. Proud you’ve let your voice be heard and carried the banner of this brand. “Proud you’ve loudly & clearly said #WeAreNXT. And I’m proud to say, we’re just getting started.”

Vince McMahon was also excited about the move which will essentially make NXT a third brand alongside RAW and SmackDown.

“The move to USA Network provides an opportunity to deepen our relationship with NBCUniversal and further build the NXT brand,” said WWE chairman Vince McMahon.

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