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Role of a Financial Planner

A financial planner is a professional advisor in money management. Financial advisors can provide their services in a specific case such as hiring a mortgage. The personal financial adviser will make a planning of the management of our assets, becoming then a financial planner. It is a concept of integration and therefore, personal financial planning is integrated asset management. The financial planners help their client discover their financial needs, analyzing past, present as well as future circumstances, considering their assets, the taxes they pay, their family situation, their labor income and other investments they may have. Its function is not limited to advice and investment planning, but rather to shape the client’s economic future and improve its relationship with money. Ed Rempel is a financial adviser; she gives advice on products such as pensions, life insurance, mortgages, savings, investments and financial protection policies. They are referred as independent because they can advise on products as well as systems throughout the market and they are not linked only to a single provider.

Ed Rempel is a professional financial adviser, he has knowledge about economics, finance, markets (stock market, derivatives, real estate, etc.), is also an expert in insurance and has legal as well as tax knowledge. So their global proposals, take into account all these factors and the financial planners like him can help their client efficiently in dealing with different financial issues.

What does a financial advisor do?

The Financial Advisors like Ed Rempel brampton provide personalized financial solutions and execute orders in the stock market and financial products, that is, stocks, mutual funds, annuities, among others. Similarly, they manage financial activities on behalf of their clients, in exchange for payment or commission. The Financial Advisors provide advisory as well as consulting services; however, its work is merely based on a relationship of financial transactions, in which case this individual acts as a mediator between the buyer and the seller.

The professional profile of these individuals is usually equated to that of the Financial Agents; however, the latter have a more global vision in financial matters, therefore, they cover what is relevant to investment as well as advice in the area, working together with their clients making investments and other transactions, these professionals must provide fair advice. For their part, the Financial Advisors commonly work for companies dedicated to investment, companies linked to the stock market and brokerage, insurance companies and other corporations associated with the provision of financial services. When meeting the client for the first time, the advisor should discuss the client’s current situation as well as help them identify their specific financial needs. The advisors should also know the level of risk that the client is willing to take when investing money to achieve those goals. There are some good Ed Rempel review given by their clients.

Daily tasks of a financial planner:

  • Communicate with clients and set up meetings.
  • Review the financial status of clients and their present and future objectives.
  • Design financial strategies.
  • Buy and sell financial products on behalf of its customers.
  • Sell bonds making offers and bids.
  • Investigate the market and monitor its conditions.
  • Keep detailed computerized records.

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