RocketLink AppSumo Lifetime Deal – Discount Code & Review

AppSumo Deal RocketLink Lifetime Plan: RocketLink helps you grow your audience by adding pixels to every link you share. Using RocketLink You can even retarget users from places like Facebook Groups. Just share click-worthy content and you’ll be able to retarget anyone who clicked on the link. (Normally, FB doesn’t allow you to target Group members, but RocketLink found a way to beat the system.)

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You also can display ads only to users who clicked on your links in the past and increase CTR while lowering CPC.

RocketLink AppSumo Deal – Coupon Code

For a limited time, Appsumo offers lifetime version of RocketLink for just $49. This includes,

RocketLink Appsumo

The Galaxy Plan includes:

  • 50 pixels of your choice
  • 3000 links per month (can be shared an unlimited number of times)
  • Unlimited clicks per month
  • Unlimited brands (we’ve got your back, agencies)
  • Unlimited custom domains (add and use your own domains)
  • UTM builder to add UTM tags
  • Click analytics (info on audiences location, web browser type, and OS)
  • QR codes to retarget offline (e.g. posters, flyers, etc.)

Lifetime Access to RocketLink AppSumo Plan for $49 (June 2018)

RocketLink is determined to help you grow, which is why it will continue to work its magic once you start seeing success. Start making use of one of the best marketing tactics out there with RocketLink.

Get a lifetime access to the Galaxy Plan for $49!

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