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Risk of Texting While Driving


Texting while driving is a big distraction while you’re on the road. Taking your eyes off of the road even for just five seconds may cause major accidents which may result to severe injuries or even death. You should not text on your mobile phone while driving because it’s a big distraction.

Texting while driving is the same as driving under the influence of alcohol. It will definitely cause you to react more slowly, example, when all of a sudden a car in front change lane, or a pedestrian might cross the road. You may never see it until it’s too late.

Most people know that texting while driving is a big no, no. Unfortunately, some just take it for granted and continue doing it.

According to studies, more or less 660,000 drivers are using mobile phones while driving every day. With so many people on the road using distracting devices, the risk for possible accidents and injuries is extremely high.

For sure, possible death or the probability of injuring someone is the major risk factor with texting while driving. Aside from that there are other dangers too. Here are some factors to think about before you decide on using your mobile phone while driving a car.

Texting and at the same time driving is a criminal offence.  In most states, texting and driving is against the law. You might get a ticket and fine.

There’s a possibility that driving tickets can affect your insurance. If you live in a state where a texting ticket is considered a moving violation and adds points to your driving record, then you might see an increase at renewal time on your car insurance.

You could damage your vehicle. Even if you don’t injure somebody while texting and driving, you might injure yourself as well as your car. Nowadays getting your car fix will cost you big amount of money.

For your safety and other people safety as well, don’t text and drive. Trust me, it’s for your own good!

Source Link: https://www.safewise.com/faq/auto-safety/danger-texting-driving/


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