Riot Games has partnered with a leading company, Cisco. The deal is aimed at improving infrastructure and networking in the five continents and three global events. This would enhance the competitive experience for all the pro players and enhance the viewing experience of the fans who believe Riot Games.

The Realm server upgrade would be one of the key aspects. The League of the Legends requires strategic planning and reaction time for the players. The Cisco’s networking solutions would give The Realm, the private gaming server to boost the pro-level competitive feature at three major league championship, the league of the legends world championship, the mid-season invitational and the all-star event. The pro-players can expect -1ms ping time with Cisco to enjoy near-instantaneous reaction times and uninterrupted gameplay. Cisco servers could offer 200% raw performance overtime.

Riot Esports is now going to deploy global infrastructure and networking upgrades with the help of Cisco. Riot can use the high performing and reliable infrastructure for world-class events at any corner of the globe. The fans can also enjoy LoL Esports broadcast streams with reduced delays and improved quality.

Riot Games is going to deploy 200 new tournament game servers in the regional studios. All of these will be centralized with the SaaS solution of Cisco. The Riot would establish a common infrastructure footprint with UCS B-Series Blade Servers, C-Series Rack Servers, and Nexus 3000/7000 Series Switches of Cisco.

The object storage system of Riot is going to transform to support the content distribution, media processing, and global content archive. Riot would use the Storage optimized computing solutions to protect the legacy of the content.

Scott Adametz, a Tech Lead at Riot Games said that an esport relies on technology and it is important that League of Legends runs on a trusted and reliable network. He continued that with Cisco as a partner they can now build and expand the necessary infrastructure to deliver the best possible user experience.

Brian Eaton, Director of Global Sports Marketing at Cisco, said that this partnership has partnered two leaders in the industry to deliver connected and best user experience to the millions of users. He said that Cisco is committed to redesigning the internet for the future and esport is one of the key components in that vision. He emphasized the importance of flexible and secure infrastructure and networking to help improve visual quality and speed.


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