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Riccardo Lex has a vision of life that you need to know!

Riccardo Lex has a vision of life that you need to know!
Riccardo Lex has a vision of life that you need to know!
Riccardo Lex has a vision of life that you need to know!
Riccardo Lex


“Life is amazing – don´t waste it working for someone else’s dream!“ This is Riccardo Lex attitude towards life.

He doesn’t only live by that, but also works on it. Each day, every day.

„Living your dream is not always love, peace and harmony. Of course it’s truly the best thing everyone could do, but if someone says it’s simple – believe me – these people know as much about it as the man in the moon. Through my years I have learned so many things about working on your own business, creating something new or even starting from scratch, but the most important thing I have ever learned is called persistence.

Riccardo Lex is someone who knows what he is talking about. Everyone who has already tried to build something amazing in their life will know the fact, that success comes within failure. “Nobody has ever reached something big without failing every once in a while. It’s not about how many times you fail, it’s about how many times you stand up and start from the bottom again and again.“ This is a topic, Riccardo Lex could write a book about. Everyone knows how hard it is to fail every now and then and what’s even harder is to stand up and don’t let life getting you down.

“No one is interested in how many times you were failing. Never feel sorry for yourself. Just get the heck up and try it over and over gain. It doesn’t work any different. And after some time, all of the sudden, you have achieved everything you’ve ever wanted. Everything you have ever dreamed of. The key is not to quit. Not even for one second.“ – this was probably the greatest phrase I have ever heard from someone.

Riccardo has worked on his dreams already for a few years. And just like everyone else, he was faced with failure. The difference to many other people out there is, that he was never giving up on his dreams. He was never quitting. This is the difference between successful people and others. Not success, but to never ever quit.

„Sometimes it felt like life was trying to push me down. My reaction to that? Try it even harder! Try to push me down, you’ll see you have no chance against me! What I would like to say is, that when you want something just bad enough, the universe will make every effort just to get you there. The only thing you need is persistence.“ And that was Riccardo’s advice everyone needs to know. All in all, persistence and tenacity will not only help you in your business, but also in every given situation throughout the crazy thing called „life“.

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