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Relational Blockchain platform: ChromaWay


New crypto companies are starting up left, right and center. It is becoming hard to keep up with all the new names. Today is no different as a new startup just hit the radar. People from Israel, Sweden, and Ukraine have teamed up to create a completely new company named ChromaWay. The company was announced earlier last week and disclosed information about their Initial Capital Raise results. $15 million in private sales have already been accumulated and are going to fund the company’s project Chromapolis, which is a relational blockchain platform designed to be used for decentralized apps.

The platform was created on Postchain, which is a relational blockchain. It is specifically designed to work with Ethereum and its scalability issues. An official statement was released to confirm this information last Wednesday on the 24th of October 2018.

Relational Blockchain

Mass adoption is something that developers are trying to do for the blockchain platform in general. There have already been a number of “new generation” blockchain platforms coming out and one of the newest ones is Relational Blockchain. It is designed to provide a more flexible environment for users and really tap into the market. Postchain is a great example of this new generation as it combines blockchain with relational databases, giving developers a lot more opportunities to create decentralized apps.

Chromapolis is their new project, indicating that the new generation of applications will be receiving a better platform for the decentralized social network building. The team behind it has also mentioned its superior technology and faster peer-to-peer connections.

The next few months left in 2018 will be showcasing new developments of the testnet and mainnet. The company was able to fund these projects through their fundraising campaigns, making a lot of progress for the year to come. One of the best news for ambitious developers is that the company is now hiring in Tel-Aviv, Washington D.C, Kiev and Stockholm, soon it will start accepting global applicants as well.

For the better of Blockchain future

ChromaWay is not new to the technology industry, they are not looking to be slowing down as well. A new startup for blockchain in the West will always be welcome as the technology is starting to get widely accepted within the countries, signaling to talented and ambitious entrepreneurs that the time to innovate has come.

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