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Red Sox Exhibit Inconsistency In Scoring-Always Losing Their Last Game


On Sunday, Red Sox lost 3-1 to Padres. David Price was scheduled to start on Sox side, but he didn’t make it after manager Alex Cora insisted that he wasn’t physically fit to play after being sidelined by an injury. But he will return on Tuesday’s game in Colorado.

If Price had been in mound instead of Brian Johnson, it would have been much better; Red Sox would have avoided the two sweep by Padres.

Throughout the season, Red Sox has shown inconsistency and inability to score. For instance, in a game against Rays, they won two games of the series, but lost the final match. In another game against Yankees, they won three out of four games but failed in their last game.

The same happened last weekend; they had two victories over Padres, then dropped in the final game. Red Sox starter Brian Johnson allowed three runs in the first inning. Manuel Margot doubled then stole third base, Francisco Mejia hit a single which enabled Manny Machado to deliver two-run homer.

In the eighth inning, Red Sox had a chance to comeback, but Xander Bogaerts walked before Martinez struck out. In the first two games, they had a total of 16 runs. They made four hits and a run from J.D. Martinez.

Red Sox played best in the first two games of the series but gave in the last one. For now, they sit six games behind the second wild-card spot, with 30 games still to play.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/red-sox-drop-series-finale-to-padres-3-1/ar-AAGjoNf

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