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Railers Coach Jamie Russell Injures His Achilles Tendon In a Rehab Assignment


Railers coach and GM Jamie Russell was supposed to be celebrating his 53rd birthday with his wife, Linda. But that wasn’t the case.

While undergoing a rehab assignment, he re-injured his Achilles tendon. He had ruptured his left foot ligaments on Jun 5th and there was no need for surgery. Now there is a high chance that he will undergo surgery and thus spend his third ECHL season in crutches and cast.

On Thursday while in his office in DCU, he said that his summer wasn’t lovely since he had to work out in a rehab. He said that as a coach, he didn’t enjoy that part of exercise something players do all the times.

Russell had done rehab before, while he was a player when he broke his nose several times. He was doing well until recently when his Achilles raptured. He spent three weeks in a cast and five in a walking boot. He was making progress and was scheduled to resume skating in the next few weeks. He would have recovered in the September Railers training camp.

He will see his orthopedic next week on Wednesday in New York. The worst thing that would happen to him is the surgery request. Whatever the case, he will be available at the start of training camp. He said that he would stand at the board with a cast or in his boots.

Russell can’t even ask Railers’ trainer for help because they have none. In 2018 season, Russell coached Railers to fourth place in North Division and a playoff berth, but they went down to seventh place and out of the postseason. They hope to score more goals this season and come out of league-worst goal record.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/railers-achilles-injury-wont-prevent-gm-coach-jamie-russell-from-returning-worcester-to-echl-contenders/ar-AAGzV9i


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