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President Trump is not as Real Estate Savvy as He Claims

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President Trump is looking to purchase Greenland, something most Americans find funny. What really surprised most is the fact that he made his intention to purchase a sovereign state public via a tweet. At first, he rubbished it all as a big joke, but later on made it known that he was intent on going forward with the plan when Denmark, the current custodian of the island stated that it was an absurd idea.

It seems the president’s self-image, which is a fragile segment of his vulnerable ego, was hurt by Denmark’s outright objection to the idea. Therefore, he unleashed his favorite warhead; hurling insults at another leader.

Mette Frederiksen, Denmark’s prime minister, politely rejected the offer and the president retaliated by canceling his planned visit to Danish country. Denmark is one of America’s allies, but the president soured the relationship when he called her nasty during an impromptu press briefing at the white house.

It appears this is the president’s go-to arsenal when world leaders, and women specifically, fail to meet his wishes. Frankly speaking, Denmark has dodged a nasty bullet. If the president manages to acquire Greenland, its fate will be the same as that of other Trump Assets – bankruptcy. It would not take long before foreclosure signs go up, fixtures are auctioned and the fjords are sold for a penny to the dollar.

Source Link: https://www.nj.com/opinion/2019/08/the-president-is-bad-at-real-estate-sheneman.html

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