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Predictions In Baseball Are Fun To Make, But They Usually Don’t Add Up-Here Are Unexpected Things That Happened in 2019 Season


Predictions are fun to make, and they usually don’t add up. Every season, specific teams are known traditionally for doing better and are typically given good odds. But these predictions are doomed to fail as baseball success is random and unpredictable.

Let’s look at the 2019 season and the surprising things that came out of it.

The Tigers Are Absolutely Worse Than Orioles

In March, it was difficult to imagine that Detroit Tigers would hit the wall before Baltimore Orioles. Orioles has a record of 43-88, 573 scored runs and 823 allowed runs. Ranked 12th in AL with .721. On the other hand, Tiger has a record of 39-89, 470 scored runs, .718 allowed runs and ranked 15th in AL with .682.

No one was expecting Tigers to be this bad, this soon. They are the only team in AL who have not to reach 500 runs mark. Oriole has a better record despite competing with strong teams the likes of Yankees, Red Sox and Rays. Tigers are at the bottom of the division with the worst record in baseball.

The Minnesota Twins

At the beginning of the season, there was this statement about Twins, that they would be better. But the truth of the matter is that that was an understatement. Currently, Twins lead the AL with 253 home runs. They are also near the top of the league in the offensive category with an average of 5.9 runs per game.

Over the Counter Pills Use

MLB has sent warning regarding the use of over counter enhancement pills. Marlon Byrd was once suspended for using breast cancer treatment pill.

Red Sox Regression

There is a higher chance of Boston failing to make it to the 2019 playoffs. Though the team has eight games over .500, they still have four games against Rays in September. Boston is 6-9 against Rays, which isn’t a beautiful thing. Boston will have to work extra hard if they want to recapture their 2018 glory.

MLB Is Modernizing

MLB is making progress in caring for the alienated fans especially the youths. MLB has come up with experimental rules which are tailored for the future. MLB doesn’t wish to keep alienating youth and is taking steps to modernize and align itself with today society.

Polar Bears Aren’t Done

Early in the season, Mets were a whole lot of joke team. They went from knocking a reporter to winning the NL wild-card race. The turnaround of the event is the Mets feel-good story. They are now 27-13 in the second half and aren’t showing signs of slowing. No one saw this coming.

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