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Play’n GO in a new relationship with RoyalCasino

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The Nordic casino industry may be a hard topic to comprehend because of the numerous unnecessary regulations that it has to operate under. You’d be surprised to find out that the only regulated companies operating in Norway and Sweden belong to the state, through these companies are other operators able to do business. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t make friends.

According to reports of NorskCasino.review one of the most popular slots specialists in Sweden, Play’n GO has partnered up with a Danish operator RoyalCasino.dk in order to switch over to the Casino’s platform.

What will the partnership help?

This is not something new for the Nordic casino industry. Partnerships have been rampaging over the region in terms of gambling, but this one deserves extra attention as it may lead to a complete migration of one operator to another’s platform, ultimately benefiting them both. RoyalCasino has been quite active in the sense of making partnerships as this one is its fourth. According to their statement, the migration that Play’n GO is planning for the Danish market is something not to be missed. The reason is quite simple, Play’n GO is just too popular and reliable, it’s impossible to pass up such an opportunity.

Although it wouldn’t be justified to disregard all of the processes that have led up to this moment. You see, the partnership is the fruit of several years of communications. It all started when a manager from RoyalCasino used Play’n GO’s platform through a third-party operator. This first experience is what attracted RoyalCasino.

Not many are too familiar with the Scandinavian culture, almost everybody knows Vikings but that’s a thing of the past. Although the countries like to joke about each other, the relationship with each other is stronger than any other European friendship. So it is no surprise that the partnership was able to blossom so quickly. This is actually demonstrated in the announcement that the CEO of RoyalCasino made.

According to Per Petterson’s statement, the 27 years of operations within the region have been nothing but successful. Thanks to this success they needed a reliable partner after the initial success they saw in the first two years of launching. Thanks to the connections and relative easiness to conduct research in nearby countries they found the perfect partner that checked all of their requirements, Play’n GO.

A common past means a common future

Peterson also emphasizes his amazement towards the professionality of the Play’n GO staff. In his statement, he thanks the operator’s Platform Service team for being so efficient and fast with RoyalCasino’s representatives to ensure a smooth and fast transition.

Even though the partnership has something to do with the friendly relations, we cannot ignore the fact that these are businesses and not individuals. Meaning that the nice attitude and openness have their roots in profitability and growth. Play’n GO does not hide this as it displays a real affection towards the Danish market.

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