Player Loss Limit Lowered More by Gaming Operator Paf

Changes are being implemented at Paf, the Åland-based gaming operator. Now it has lowered its annual loss limit by another 5000 euros.

Of note, Paf is the first international gaming company in the world to introduce a maximum limit on the amount a player can lose in one year. It is all part of a commitment to responsible gambling.

The loss limit was first introduced in 2018, set at 30,000 euros annually. Paf then lowered the limit to 25,000 euros in 2019. Now it has been lowered even further to 20,000 euros.

According to CEO Christer Fahlstedt,

“We are proud to lower our loss limit by as much as a third in just two years.

We see that our maximum limit effectively stops big spending players
and prevents the personal tragedies that occur when huge amounts are lost.”

He goes on to explain that Paf is now lowering the loss limit further to show the possibility of surviving as a gaming company without the biggest players.

“We are a gaming company that sells exciting entertainment for adults
without trying to squeeze the last drop of money out of them.”

Of course, the lower limit means reduced revenues. Paf’s income will decrease by approximately 2-3 million euros, a large sum indeed. The company claims that is good for customers and that is what matters.

The industry is facing enormous challenges. Paf has been a pioneer when it comes to responsible gaming. It’s mission has been to lead the way and be a positive agent of change.

“The lowering of the loss limit strengthens our leading position alongside the very
small number of other gaming companies that have dared to adopt a loss limit.”


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