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Period Tracking Applications Found Sharing Delicate User Information with Facebook

From private data to use of contraceptives, period tracking applications like Maya and MIA Fem have been sharing delicate information with FB; this is according to the most recent research findings by Privacy International, an advocacy group.

The advocacy group chanced upon this breach. Their discovery led them to believe that period tracking apps Maya, and Mia Fem has been sending information on the use of contraceptives, monthly period timings, menstrual cycle symptoms such as cramping and swelling to Facebook, according to news site BuzzFeed.

The group established that the app Maya, developed by Plackal Tech, and Mobapp’s Mia, have been sharing sensitive data with social media powerhouses and a number of other third parties.

Facebook issued a response to these allegations and stated that it had reached out to these apps to sort out potential privacy violations of its terms and conditions of service, which includes exchanging prohibited sensitive data, the statement cited.

Facebook’s policies state that they are free to gather data from a third party application that uses its software platform development kits (SDKs) as well as application programming interfaces, (APIs).

These SDKs integrate with applications to offer features such as data analytics or allow users to log into their accounts using their Facebook credentials.

Source Link: https://gulfnews.com/technology/period-tracking-apps-found-sharing-sensitive-user-data-with-fb-1.1568120152227

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