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Pep Guardiola Believes Sanchez Flop at United Was Not His Fault


Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola expects Alexis Sanchez to make a huge impact on loan with Inter Milan and thinks the Chilean forward cannot be blamed for his spectacular failure with Manchester United. Guardiola tried to sign Sanchez when he was in the process of joining Manchester United from Arsenal 18 months ago.

But that hardly proved problematic for him as City won the last two Premier League titles and watched from afar as Sanchez struggled at Old Trafford, scoring just five goals in 45 appearances. Sanchez, who played under Guardiola at Barcelona, joined Inter on loan this week with United still paying a large percentage of his salary. Guardiola said that he knows Sanchez as they have worked together in Barcelona and has a special affection for him as a player.

He also added that Sanchez is an incredible, humble guy and a fighter and as he decides to move to Italy with one of the greatest teams in Europe, Inter right now, with incredible manager Antonio Conte, he is pretty sure they are going to do well.

“Because the way I think Inter plays, is perfect for him. Play close to (Romelu) Lukaku and in this position I think he is going to have a good period in Milan.” – ‘He is a shy guy’ – Talking ahead of the weekend visit of Brighton to the Etihad, Guardiola joked he never pondered what might have happened had Sanchez opted to join him instead of Jose Mourinho at United in January 2018.

Other than that, Pep believes in his conviction that there is no simple explanation for Sanchez’s catastrophic fall from grace. “Football clubs don’t depend on one player,” he said. “You judge it was a failure for just Alexis, but there are many reasons.”Quality is there, it is always there. It happens for many reasons.

Pep indicated that it is not only for one player that doesn’t work with one team. They don’t play alone, it’s not tennis and it’s not golf. There is no player in the Premier League that said this player is not good. He said that he really din’t know what happened, he was not there, so that’s why he could not give his opinion, but he was not thinking it was just for one reason.

In the meantime, Guardiola ought to decide whether to hand teenage midfielder Phil Foden just his fourth ever league start against Brighton. The 19-year-old is widely expected to step into the void left when City skipper David Silva leaves at the end of the season, however, Pep believes Foden may be too nice for his own good.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/premier-league/you-judge-it-was-a-failure-for-just-alexis-but-there-are-many-reasons-pep-guardiola-defends-alexis-sanchez-after-his-manchester-united-demise-and-backs-his-former-winger-to-find-his-form-at-inter/ar-AAGBNuB#page=2

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