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Patrick Kogler – The man with the hundred talents

Patrick Kogler The man with the hundred talents
Patrick Kogler The man with the hundred talents
Patrick Kogler The man with the hundred talents
Patrick Kogler

If there is someone who has brought countless hobbies to perfection, then it is the 26-year-old entrepreneur, mentor and coach, Patrick Kogler.
For him it has always been very important to test his personal limits and to try different things. We meet the young entrepreneur at a hotel bar in Vienna. He’s just here for a few days to hold some business meetings, then he’s off to the next country again. Yesterday, he made a short stopover at the Vienna Prater to make a few laps in the wind tunnel. On a busy day full of appointments, he likes to take an active break to relax and recharge his batteries. We ask him how he came to hobbies like this and what else he likes to do to clear his head.

“I’m a person who likes to watch others and I’m very interested in other people’s talents and abilities. For me it’s always a kind of incentive to try something new, cool and then prove to myself that I can do it as good as other people can do it, or even better. I’ve always had the attitude that everything is possible and can be done. You just need to stick with it for so long until you reach your goal. Yes, I know, I’m very ambitious, but this ambition also benefits me in my job, “says Patrick.

Despite his great ambition, he comes across very down to earth. We are curious about what he has already tried and what hobbies he has driven to perfection.

“I’ve done quite a lot, such as unicycle riding, playing drums, playing trumpet, flying model airplanes, playing table tennis, breakdancing, beatboxing, parkour and freerunning, skydiving, flying wind tunnels etc. I played the trumpet until I got the gold badge in my pocket and played table tennis until I reached the Austrian Master, “says Patrick proudly.
He continues, “I am also very happy that I started with it at a young age because I gathered so much experience in all these years. But back at that time I had a little problem as well. Whenever I could do something perfect, suddenly it became uninteresting for me and I was looking for a new challenge again. At that time I was told that this was a negative trait, but today I disagree with it. Having acquired a great deal of knowledge through all my hobbies, I’ve also learned what it means to have staying power, but also not to stick with one thing, but to keep evolving. Today I call that a ‘positive leap’. ”

We find this attitude very promising. From people like Patrick Kogler you can definitely learn a lot.

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