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Partnership with mLogica Moves Forward Patrick Mackaronis, Brabble Technology

Business partnership

In another example of the use of strategic partnerships to drive growth and the evolution of tomorrow’s tech solutions, a newly formalized alliance has Brabble, a startup with a unique platform for joining social networking with eCommerce, joining forces with mLogica, a leading systems integrator and tech consultancy.

This is an expansion of the relationship between the two companies. For the past 12 months, mLogica has been Brabble’s tech advisor in the development of its patented *StarTags technology. *StarTags imbed programmable links into digital content in order to showcase products being sold in social marketplaces.

“Our alliance will help us not just enhance and refine the technology’s development, thanks to a dedicated mLogica team,” said Patrick Mackaronis, founder of Brabble. “Given mLogica’s standing and relationships with global enterprises, the partnership should substantially boost the speed with which *StarTags are accepted and deployed.”

This is the latest in a line of strategic alliances that mLogica has formed as a means of enhancing its value to customers. Research by IDG found that 27 percent of tech leaders’ IT strategy/roadmap is driven by their ability to help customers respond to developments like competitive threats and market changes.

Partnerships like these allow tech leaders to offer complete solutions that solve their customers’ business and IT challenges – and also make them stand out from the crowd.

Business partnership

Brabble will help achieve just that with *StarTags, a tool designed to help eCommerce enterprises (as much as individuals) monetize their social media networks and the followers and connections that have been established on them.

“At last count, there were nearly 3 billion active users of social platforms, but since the start, businesses have struggled to monetize their networks,” Patrick Mackaronis added.

*StarTags, he explained, are designed to facilitate direct social sales – something many businesses think can’t be done given conventional wisdom that warns against “promotional” content.

“These days, though, a lot of social platforms have been set up to accommodate peer-to-peer selling,” Mackaronis added. “It’s not just Facebook with its much-expanded Marketplace feature. There’s Poshmark, which combines fashion retailing with social media. And Brabble, for sharing, interacting, buying and selling.”

*StarTags enable the selling process. They stay native to the post where they’re embedded and also are compatible across a multitude of social marketplaces and eCommerce platforms – adding to their versatility.

“Social marketplaces are really the future for eCommerce, and you’re seeing developments happening fast as the concept takes hold,” said Mackaronis. “The *StarTags technology that the team of Brabble and mLogica is advancing is making ‘shoppable’ posts a reality.”

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