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Paris Suburb Demolishes ‘Gagarin’ Communist Housing Estate

For many years, residents have endured a housing estate that has been a constant reminder of Russia’s communist era. However, this coming Wednesday, officials, and locals will gather to watch this building, which has remained in the past in a rapidly modernizing area.
Launched in the 60s in the presence of Yuri Gagarin, Russia’s space pioneer, this housing estate has been a constant reminder of the communist party’s influence in post-world war France.

During the 60s this housing development had everything the people wanted; a spacious kitchen area, an elevator and much more. This was all new for the people. At 13 stories, the T-shaped building located in Ivry-sur-Seine suburb seemed like something from space among a series of run-down working-class homes.

In fact, it was considered a model of urbanism, something the French communist party was very keen to pursue. The French communist party enjoyed displaying this property internationally. Later on, the Russians seized it and sent Gagarine to launch it because he had display Russian idealism very well.

Today, the broken-down property with boarded windows is an eyesore. The demolition is not expected to be grand because the French cannot wait to get rid of it.

The property’s fortune began to dwindle in the 70s, which is when factories started going under in what became known as the worst industrial failure in Paris. Poverty rates went up and Cite Gangarine became a sensitive urban zone. The state had to come in to help combat unemployment.

Once the one-year demolition is done, the workers will then break ground to usher in a green district with parks and energy-efficient structures. However, critics think the green district will not be fully owned by the public housing authority even though 30 percent will be kept as social housing.

Source Link: https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/goodbye-gagarin-paris-suburb-razes-communist-housing-estate/story-sHGZ2ONcsXISbdvvgsge8J.html

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