Pandemic Sets Romanian Gambling Industry Back by Five Years

The Romanian gambling industry has been suffering during the pandemic. In fact, it is facing a setback of five years. So says the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

Severe declines have been posted for local gambling operators. They are experiencing the most severe decline of the last 30 years just in Q2 of 2020.

In fact, the local gambling and entertainment industry fell by almost 24% in March alone as compared to 2015. Turnover was only 57 % of that of February. Almost zero revenue was reported for April and May.

It is not a pretty picture at all. According to Attila “Otto” Török, Strategy Director at Game World Romania, given the situation, his company was forced to make the necessary business continuity decisions and decided that the safety of customers and employees was the main priority.

Reverting to long-term business principles, the company organized to adapt as quickly as possible to the multitude of changes occurring at present. They went from “closed until further notice” to being open round the clock. This was soon followed by limited opening hours.

“We hope to return to our non-stop hours… we’ve been focusing on communicating with our clients and employees, for whom we’ve taken extra health and safety measures.

Maintaining communication with professional associations and the authorities for accurate information on the latest developments concerning gambling halls has been equally important for the Strategy Director.

According to Romslot data, for each RON the Romanian gambling industry generates, the upstream and downstream industries – HoReCa, IT&C, security – generate another 5 RON.

Many are affected. Game World currently has about 400 employees; the parent group has a workforce of about 2000. The biggest challenge continues to relate to the coronavirus pandemic. Operators have strictly implemented all the measures required by authorities to limit the spread of the virus as a result.


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