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Opinion: Why Australia Might Lose the Final Two Tests At Old Trafford


England successfully run-chase Australia at Headingley to draw the series. Now the final two Tests are approaching which will be played at Old Trafford early in September.

England fast bowler Jofra Archer believes they have created doubt in Australian side after their amazing run-chase. England made a record in Test cricket by run-chasing 359 points. Archer thinks that that might have left a scar on the Australian team.

Archer told Sky Sports News that they planted a seed of doubt on the Australian side. He added that England is now positive and would probably start the game well.

At Headingley, Archer began by taking his second game, England bowled out Australia for 179 in overcast conditions. In the second inning, Archer added two wickets and reached an average of 13.53 and 34.5 strike rate across 13 wickets.

Archer will continue to capture the world of cricket. He is England best wicket-taker with 20 wickets at 23.05. But he doesn’t think he is the world best bowler. To him, in cricket, you can’t write the script because it doesn’t go as planned. He added that one has to keep waiting and trying until the time comes.

When asked whether his life has changed, Archer replied that he doesn’t think so, since he is still doing the same things. In the social life, Archer said that he has gone up, as now people are quickly recognizing him and stopping to shake hand.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-au/sport/cricket/archer-weve-made-australia-think-twice/ar-AAGszz0

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