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This is a very politically incorrect movie with plenty of offensive material. There are homophobic references, a stereotyped Jewish character who wears a “chai” necklace, shows up for group sex, drinks a lot and has casual sex.

The fraternity is often to guys of all races and ages and the men are all very supportive of one another. Frank played by Will Ferell marries Marissa and then realizes he made a big mistake. Beanie who is played by Vince Vaughn is the owner of a successful chain of stores and refuses to believe that he is actually the only family man out of three friends. Mitch is a promising real estate laywer but catches his girlfriend who is played by Juliette Lewis in a compromising position.

Mitch rents a house near his former University and Beanie sees this as an opportunity to relive some of his old College days. The film’s antagonist is the Universities Dean Pritchard who is played by Jeremy Piven. The Dean bears a grudge against the trio and does everything that he can to shut the house down.

True brotherhood ends up prevailing. Old School makes one laugh many times due to the strong chemistry between the actors. Each have their own brand of comedy. Beanie also hints that he loves his life as a stable Dad more than he cares to admit.

It is quite easy to gather that the movies director Todd Phillips probably enjoyed his college years. His previous movie Road Trip also offered a refreshing look into College life that did not necessarily use gross out humour at every turn. With Old School, Philipps has matured a little. The movie explores the way that the three men are dealing with the pressures that come with adulthood.

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