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NoteJoy Review – AppSumo Lifetime Deal Limited Time

NoteJoy Appsumo Deal

AppsumoDeal Nojoy Review: What is Notejoy? Notejoy  is a collaboration tool that helps you and your team easily discover, capture, and share ideas. Why you want it? Notejoy allows teams inside and outside (lookin’ at you, agencies and freelancers) of your company to discuss projects in real-time and make decisions quickly.

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Through a stunning, distraction-free interface that is intuitive and easy to use, you can tackle things like:

  • Product roadmaps
  • Onboarding materials
  • Team OKRs (or as we like to call them OKURRRS)
  • Copy and design projects
  • And just about anything else worth writing down!

Notejoy is equipped with a ton of noteworthy (ha!) features like image galleries, integrations with Slack, Trello, and GDrive, note management, and enhanced communication.

Not only that, but Notejoy is accessible via web, desktop, and iOS!

NoteJoy Appsumo Deal

What’s included in this NoteJoy deal

  • Lifetime Access to an exclusive Notejoy AppSumo Plan
  • Unlimited libraries
  • 5 users per library (users can be switched out, but 5 is the limit at any given time)
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Up to 100MB per file upload
  • Up to 5GB storage per library
  • Role-based permissions
  • Recover deleted notes
  • Export notes

How much you’re saving

Ordinarily, access to this custom plan would run you $249 a year. (Plus, the value of the plan drastically increases the more you take advantage of the unlimited libraries feature.)

But just by flashing your Sumo-ling badge, you can grab lifetime access for just $49!

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Stack 2x and get more power

Buying two codes will give you 10 users per library, 10GB storage per library, and end-to-end encryption.

Buy NoteJoy AppSumo Deal

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