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Nintendo Switch Online Gets its First SNES Games Today


Nintendo Switch Online will get its first set of classic SNES games on 5 Sept (today), along with the announcement of more to come in near future. Nintendo Switch Online is the online subscription-based service by the Japanese video game giant of its recent Switch gaming console, released back in March 2017. Apart from adding the SNES classic ones, the Switch Online service currently has 20 games available right now.

And this is not it! Alongside the new software addition comes the all-new wireless SNES controllers, also based on classic Nintendo SNES system controllers. To bring traction to its new online Nintendo Switch services, the company has included such classics from the SNES system like Super Mario World, Star Fox, Breath of Fire, Super Metroid, F-Zero, and several others. This was a major announcement for Nintendo fans, as well as a huge surprise because no one was even vaguely expecting the arrival of such nostalgic classics by Nintendo so early on the online service.

But since it is out now, and if you are a subscribed Nintendo Switch user, you should log in to the service right away and re-visit your childhood memories on Nintendo Switch Online. Since the update was announced for today, it may be possible that some users – living in UTC-10 or 12 time zone – may have to wait until the date changes in their respective zones to play the classic games.

Source Link: https://techcrunch.com/2019/09/04/nintendo-switch-online-gets-snes-games-september-5-plus-new-snes-controllers/


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