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Nike’s Adapt Huarache takes its Design Ethos with Self-Lacing Technology a Step Further


Almost 30 years ago, Air Huarache unleashed their first running shoes, presenting what is now a unique product focused on fit-stabilized shoes with a long-lasting exoskeleton. The product features a neoprene signature, which provides a one-to-one fit. The exterior features a heel clip that offers protection when in running mode. This symbiotic relationship is what has informed Nike’s performance and creativity globally.

In fact, it would be right to say that Nike Huarache was the first shoe company to look into fit-focused research, and this is one of its most successful endeavors so far. Naturally, Nike used the Huarache as a standard template for their FitAdapt.

The company first come into the market with HyperAdapt shoes meant for training purposes. Most recently, they launched Adapt BB for basketball. The new self-lacing technology was brought on board to give consumer wide range of choices with regards to comfort and coziness. The lacing technology will also give their shoes customizable color choices and this can be controlled via the nodes located in the mid-stone.

Adapt Huarache brings with it an element of the class by keeping mid-foot laces anchored and exposed by external cages. This technology will make shoe wearers comfortable only when it is practical and controlled. Nike customers know from experience that the Nike technology is user-friendly and can be controlled via Apple watch or Siri. The new shoe will be launched on 13 September, this year.

Source Link: https://sneakernews.com/2019/08/29/nike-adapt-huarache-release-date/

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