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NHL: Winnipeg Unsigned Free Agents Profiles


Kyle Connor and Patrik Laine are the remaining Winnipeg unsigned free agents. In the 2017-18 season, Connor improved offensively during his play alongside Mark Scheifele and Blake Wheeler. He also grew on his average time on ice to 19 minutes a night.

What makes it difficult for Connor to be invisible is his short track record in NHL success. He spent the first professional season in the minor. He is now in a second rookie year and is thus less experienced compared to his counterparts. This doesn’t hurt his ego, although, instead of having three years of success in NHL, he has two.

Connor record is as follows:

2018-19: 82 GP, 34-32-66, minus-7, 18 PIMS, 227 shots, 19:15 ATOI.

Career: 178 GP, 67-61-128, minus-6, 38 PIMS, 443 shots, 17:28 ATOI.

Let compare Connor with other players:

Connor And Nylander

He has played in two NHL seasons just like Connor. He also spent a considerable time of his career in the minors. At his entry in NHL, he had an equal number of points as Connor, but Jets winger was more productive.

Entry year stats: 82 GP, 20-41-61, +20, 10 PIMS, 184 shots, 16:41 ATOI.

Career stats at ELC expiration: 185 GP, 48-87-135, +18, 46 PIMS, 432 shots, 16:21 ATOI.

Connor And Jake Guentzel

Jake entry year was similar to that of Connor; however, he moved quickly up the ladder and set a career-high record. His rookie season was also shortened. His record is as follows;

Platform year stats: 82 GP, 40-36-76, +13, 26 PIMS, 227 shots, 19:21 ATOI.

Career stats at ELC expiration: 204 GP, 78-79-157, +11, 78 PIMS, 479 shots, 17:31 ATOI.

Johnny Gaudreau

His first league game was better than that of Connor. He also has a short track record of one year with NHL. However, he has emerged as one of the league best scorer, something Winnipeg didn’t expect from a winger. His record is as follows:

Platform year stats: 79 GP, 30-48-78, +4, 20 PIMS, 217 shots, 19:56 ATOI.

Career stats at ELC expiration: 160 GP, 55-88-143, +16, 34 PIMS, 385 shots, 18:48 ATOI.

Brock Boeser

Boeser played for just nine games in his rookie year. He had an average of 19 minutes a night last season. He is currently unsigned. His record is as follows:

Platform year stats: 69 GP, 26-30-56, minus-2, 22 PIMS, 209 shots, 19:10 ATOI.

Career stats at ELC expiration: 140 GP, 59-57-116, minus-7, 38 PIMS, 413 shots, 18:14 ATOI.

While both Laine and Connor wish is to a long term contract, nothing is yet to come. Signs point out that Laine may end up getting a bridge contract. Connor has indicated that he desires to have his deal done before the offset of training camp.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/restricted-free-agent-profile-winnipegs-kyle-connor/ar-AAGCat5


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