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New York City Revamps 10000 School Bus Systems


Developers of the ride-sharing and on-demand technology, also known as via, have been contracted by Department of Education in New York City to develop a ground-breaking system. This system will be used in school bus administration system for America’s largest district.

This new system, dubbed via for school, is the first of its kind and will be fully automated. It will help in routing school buses, trailing and provide a communication platform. Students and parents will be able to track, real-time, where their buses are at any one time. They will also be able to receive communication in the event there is a change in service.

The largest school district transports, on average, close to 150000 students on about 9000 routes each day to get students to school and back homes safely. The new via for school will be built to serve New York City students, including special education, learners using housed temporarily and general education students.

This new system will run a flexible set of algorithms that will allow stop-to-school as well as home-to-school pickup. Students will be accommodated in the transportation system regardless of learning style, place of residence or mobility constraints.

Via is already running 50 other places across the world in leading sectors like transportation in Los Angeles, London, as well as Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe. For via to work well with New York’s school transportation, the company will run a routing algorithm that will optimize the buses every day. This will ensure that the routes are optimized for efficiency and still allow the busses to respond to issues on the ground such as the closure of streets or congestion.

Via will improve the efficiency of the school transportation system and reduce cost of transport for the city of New York. Students and parents will also profit from improved communication and visibility of the system’s status including any unforeseen changes.

Source Link: https://www.traffictechnologytoday.com/news/public-transit/new-york-city-upgrades-10000-strong-school-bus-system.html

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