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New Technology Will Make School Buses Safer


Nowadays school and bus safety are the primary priority for faculty at Springville- Griffith Institute Central School District.

Currently, seven new buses equipped with new technology to help reduce the number of bus crashes.

These buses are provided by sensors which are located in the front of the bus that detect the distance and speed a car is traveling in front of a bus. This new technology comes standard on all new Leonard Bus Sales Inc.

Kimberly Moritz who is working as buses Superintendent mentioned that this technology is not meant to do the job for the bus driver, but just act as an enhancement tool.

Kristin Sercu, Springville-Griffith dispatcher announced that “Just because it has been efficiently used in other vehicles on the road so why not enhance what the school bus is already able to do with their well-trained drivers,”

This school will start on Wednesday and drivers are interested to see how this new technology will help them on the road.

Moritz also mentioned that “Any technology the bus comes with is not nearly as important as the vigilance of the driver. So the training of the driver it is not meant to replace that it is just an added enhancement,”.

All of these new buses will be equipped with this new technology. Buses will cost $115,000 and the trade-in bus costs around $38,000.

Currently, this district traded in nine buses and bought seven new buses for the entire district to use.

Source Link: https://www.wkbw.com/news/local-news/springville-griffith-institute-gets-new-technology-on-7-new-buses


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