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New Technology to Help Farmers Monitor Fruit in Extreme Heat Conditions


Farmers allied to TATURA horticultural will soon benefit from a new technology that will help farmers prevent losses due to extreme heat.

This technology is still in the trial stages, but researchers are hoping that it will help farmers reap the fruits of the labor, literally.

The research trial is part of a project based on internet of things run by Agriculture Victoria. It is meant to look at how technology can be used on farms to manage sheep, dairy, broadacre cropping, and dairy farming projects.

According to Andy Clark, the Horticultural coordinator of this trial project, Tatura farmers experienced loss because their fruit shrunk significantly due to excessive heat. He believes that technology will go a long way in helping these farmers monitor the stages of growth of their fruits effectively.

According to Andy, farmers can use sensors placed on their plants to monitor how their plants are doing. The sensors will be able to collect information and relay data such as when plants are ready to be irrigated or need more nutrients.

Andy also believes that this new technology will be vital in monitoring water consumption cost, frost prediction, and soil condition. Maximizing water consumption is important for farmers. This trial will benefit more than 600 growers in four areas.

Source Link: https://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/agribusiness/horticulture/technology-trial-to-help-growers-monitor-fruit-in-extreme-heat/news-story/22dfbcb618669da399778ff8b80b5ebc

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