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New Technology is Helping People Drive more Change Through Employee Volunteering


Unlike the previous industrial revolution, the current one has employees in mind. Our current world is full of many applicable solutions, thanks to technology. The many challenges we are experiencing has caused people to be more innovative.

The investment space is not any different. The corporate sector is taking advantage of technology to facilitate the employee-volunteering program in order to benefit employers, non-government organization and other business ventures. As a result, beneficial changes are taking place in this space.

Information-driven decision making

Technological changes are coming to employee volunteering programs. Now corporates have more data that was not available previously.

Today, through efficient data collection and assessment mechanisms, employers can tell what things matter to their employees. Employers can also connect employees to applicable organizations, follow up on the amount of time spend on volunteering missions and record points on important employees metrics like revenue and turnover.

Adoption of a skill-based approach

As technology continues to improve, the corporate sector is able to improve employee-volunteering programs. Today, through digital integration, employees are able to connect with non-governmental organizations that need their skills and time. This implies that copywriters and digital developers can offer a digital presence to grass-root entities.

Authenticity and caution

CSI undertakings have to consider what the local organizations want as well as the interests and skills of employees. Plus, in order to lend authenticity to the whole process, the efforts have to trickle down right from the highest echelon of power.

For instance, in South Africa, where there is a huge need for CSR, employee-volunteering programs are an absolute necessity. However, to have the greatest impact, these programs have to be authentic and well integrated.

As we continue to experience technological changes, employee volunteering, businesses and NGOs will begin to work together in even more evocative ways. And as this continues to happen, humans will continue to move forward.

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