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New Pump Technology ensures Zip Tap Sink can Drain Without Damage


Pump technology, a company that specializes in wastewater, have come up with a solution that will minimize draining in Zip tap Sinks.

This new technology requires the installation of a strong pump mechanism that can handle temperatures hotter than 40 degrees centigrade.

However, current pumps tend to be large and most spaces below the sinks are restrictive.

The company’s tech team evaluated their options carefully to find a pump that will fit into a compact drain minor. They settled on Jung Pumpen U3K Spezial (SL), which is strong and can last a long time. Instead of a lip shaft seal, the new pump has a mechanical seal.

In the past, the pump has been used to handle mild but aggressive fluids. The SL has been used to handle plenty of other challenging requirements. In fact, some leading fast food outlets have indicated excellent performance with regards to heavy milk skins and heavy coffee granules.

The drain minor comes with a re-usable polyethylene. When you fit it with low-level floats, it is able to provide an effective pumping solution. The pump also features a replaceable charcoal vent and a removable cover used for maintenance and cleaning. This pump is easy to install and operate in small spaces.

Source Link: https://www.cateringinsight.com/pump-technology-ensures-zip-tap-sinks-drain-without-damage/

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